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How does it work?

TRAILMASTERS HOLIDAYS are self-drive safaris. The idea is to either bring your own vehicle from home or fly and hire one in Morocco, and travel within the expedition as a self sufficient unit, with your own camping equipment, cooking facilities etc, but with the full support and back-up of TRAILMASTERS.

WHEN BOOKING ON you will speak to one of our expedition leaders in our UK office who will discuss fully with you how the safaris work and the different routes available. TRAILMASTERS want to ensure this Adventure Safari is the best holiday you have ever had, and this means careful planning from the outset.

ONCE YOU ARE BOOKED ON you have access to our pre-trip information service, and Trailmasters will advise you on vehicle preparation, what equipment you need and will manage any red tape involved in getting either you or your vehicle safely into and out of Morocco.

ALL TRIPS BEGIN NEAR GIBRALTAR The choice of route to southern Spain is of course yours, but Trailmasters can advise you of the options available.

10-12 WEEKS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE you will receive the finalised itinerary, and full info pack (around 20 pages) confirming all the arrangements for meeting up, and providing important background information about your holiday and the country you will be travelling in.

FLY DRIVE clients can fly into Marrakech, where they will collect their vehicle and equipment, and be accompanied until they join up with the safari group.

WE TRAVEL IN A CONVOY . For the WHOLE of the safari the group will be led by a Trailmasters expedition leader, accompanied by their Moroccan guide, travelling in one of their fully equipped escort vehicles. Between them the crew will speak most European languages, Arabic and the local dialects.

TOTAL MILEAGE in Morocco will be about 1250 miles. Daily mileage will vary between 50 and 120 although there are built in rest days with no driving. On the first and final days of the safari about 250+ miles might be be covered as we travel through the Northern areas of the country

DRIVING CONDITIONS will include metalled road, forestry tracks, rocky mountain passes, riverbeds, sand, dried salt lakes, desert piste and plains. Any 4x4 vehicle in good condition is ideal for this, and should cope admirably with our routes.

DAYS 'ON THE ROAD' will be leisurely in pace starting about 0800 hrs and ending about 1600hrs. There will be stops to buy provisions, for photos and sight-seeing, and breaks for lunch and snacks; at times we may only travel for half a day and there will be a least 2 non-driving days (if you choose)

OUR ACCOMMODATION will normally be under canvas, sometimes on sites with full facilities while others will be in the wilderness. Trailmasters will cover all campsite costs. Sometimes it may be possible to upgrade and take a room at a modest cost in an Auberge, and occasionally when we are in a city a hotel becomes a necessity.

FOOD can be bought locally on route; most days we can get fresh bread and water and in the villages and towns there are usually markets offering a wide variety of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables - don't worry the Trailmasters crew will help and advise with shopping! Sometimes during the day we might stop at a cafe, and in the evening, some camp-sites will have restaurants, where you can sample the local cuisine if you choose.

COMMUNICATING with other vehicles while on the road is done via C.B. Radio. Morocco has a new and extensive mobile phone network, and provided you have a dual band mobile you will be able to contact the UK.

WE KNOW that your holiday represents both a major event and a significant financial outlay. So, from an organisation that has been operating in the Adventure Holiday business in Morocco since 1982 you get much more than just promises. We are completely confident that no other organisation, wherever based can beat us for value, quality, content, safety and security.

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